Thai Musical Instruments

Hello. My Thai wife and I had to scramble back to Canada from Thailand in March because of covid19. Because of this we were unable to bring to Canada everything we would have liked to. One of those things was my wife’s Khim. The Thai Hammered Dulcimer. My wife is missing playing it very much. I have been trying to find one in Canada somewhere but have had no success yet, so I thought I would reach out to your group for help. Does anyone here have any leads or contacts that could help me? I know that Khims can be found on EBay but they are very poor in quality. I would be looking for high end. Thank you for any help.Capture2.PNG

Thank you for posting.

We’ve asked Thai people in Vancouver about Thai Khim. Unfortunately, no one in Vancouver has Khim. We suggest you check with Khim stores on Facebook. You may find one you like.

Luk Khim Thai -
Khim Thai -

Hope this helps

Here we are more than a year later and we still haven’t been back to Thailand or located a good quality Khim. So I thought I would just bump this again since so much time has passed. Thanks for your original help and any forthcoming help.