Learn Self-defence and MMA skills(wrestling, striking, Jiu Jitsu) for fun and getting in shape :)

Join our small cub to vent your stress and get in shape :slight_smile:
(Women are welcome too. We don’t train aggressively at all. It’s all for having fun and getting in good shape :slight_smile:

This club is run by an instructor who has been training Mixed Martial Arts for years in many different countries growing up. He has been taught by one of the legendary Fedor’s ex-Sambo/MMA coaches, Former MMA champions and Olympic Judo & Wrestling medalists growing up. He used to compete in different combat sports and still is hoping to compete at high level competitions.

Beginners are welcome (there are classes for beginners. sparring is NOT mandatory)

All sexes are welcome.

No ego and being respectful always.

It is only for self-defence (aggressive attitude is not tolerated) and staying in shape.

Only for people who would like to train up to 3 days a week (once or twice or three time a week all fine. Sorry more than 3 days a week training is not possible).

Only for people who don’t have another gym or place to train martial arts. This training should be only done at the club under the supervision of the instructor.

Class size is small to maximize its operation efficiency. You would not feel left behind in class :slight_smile:

Please kindly be noted that there is a weight limit on males (only males) for safety reasons. Also, there are some club rules which are mostly common sense.

** there are some charge for space rental. We all pay for it together and it is affordable.

Please email us at brucelee201829@gmail.com